Automotive Scored Credit Data

Prescreen Credit Data from the Major Credit Bureaus

Our actual credit scored leads provide marketing professionals from the automotive and mortgage industries with the tools to reach their target market based on credit ratings. Actual Scored Credit from the three major credit bureaus is what makes it possible for consumers to go online and get Pre Qualified for mortgage loans and automobile financing in seconds. With the right scored mortgage leads and scored automotive leads it’s possible to reach the specific consumers that have the ideal credit rating for lending.

Credit scored lists are compiled of data on specific consumers from a certain range of credit scores. Credit data scores are generated using a mathematical algorithm, or formula, based on information in the consumers’ credit reports. These credit scored leads are highly accurate for calculating the probable behavior of potential borrowers in the mortgage and automobile lending market.

There are many different credit-scoring models used to categorize scored automotive leads and scored mortgage leads. These different scoring models also produce different credit scores.

Endless Resources provides credit scored leads that are compiled using actual credit data from the three major credit bureaus. The information in our lists is actual scored credit data, not modeled or summarized data, which is drawn from a national database of individual-based credit information. This will allow you to target your prospects based on the most accurate report of their current credit standing. We provide all our scored mortgage leads and scored automotive leads quickly and easily so you can get to work on your campaign as soon as possible.

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Target Credit Qualified Auto Prospects with Scored Credit Data

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