Prescreen Mortgage Data

How many more loans could be funded if you or your team were able to only market to pre-qualified prospects already knowing which mortgage product or service they are most likely to buy? Before you make another cold call or send out another single mailer, find out how Prescreened Mortgage Data will empower you with the knowledge you need about your ideal prospect’s actual credit standing, mortgage loan amounts, loan payment history, current or delinquent payment status, loan types, revolving aggregate debt amounts and many other criteria types.

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Data from the Credit Bureaus

Prescreen Mortgage data is a soft inquiry on the consumer credit file and therefore can only be used for permissable purposes as described by the FCRA and FACT Act. In other words, you must be making a firm offer of credit based on criteria used in the consumer credit file.
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We sell millions of credit bureau records a month and offer you direct access to the major credit bureau’s online count and ordering systems with the most competitive rates on all your credit bureau list needs. Call us at 1-866-430-0514 for a free no-obligation consultation, counts and pricing, and see for yourself!