Prescreen Automotive Data

Whether you are looking for prime or subprime automotive borrowers, the credit bureaus have the solution auto dealers need in order to make pre-qualified offers of credit with prescreen credit data. Some factors, such as what kind of auto loan a consumer has obtained in the past, and how long the consumer has left on his/her loan, are great indicators of what kind of loan the consumer could be looking for now. Marketers can also find out: the age and income level of consumers, where they live and derogatory payment information. Other samples of criteria that automobile data includes are: terms of auto lease such as months remaining on lease or loan, loan or lease payment amount, payoff amount, average age of automobile trades and more.
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Extended Vehicle Warranty Providers
  • Vehicle Finance Companies
  • Specialty Parts Retailers
Automotive Credit Data
  • Prescreen Automotive Data Card
  • Prescreen Automotive Title Data Card
  • Automotive Bankruptcy Data Card
  • Automotive Title Data Card
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Data from the Credit Bureaus

Prescreen Automotive data is a soft inquiry on the consumer credit file and therefore can only be used for permissable purposes as described by the FCRA and FACT Act. In other words, you must be making a firm offer of credit based on criteria used in the consumer credit file.
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