Loyalty Miner – Enhanced Auto Dealer Customer Data

  • Loyalty Miner for Auto Dealers
  • Loyalty Miner for Auto Service and Retail

Loyalty Miner delivers prospects based on the following key factors:

  • Credit Score
  • Bankruptcy Flag
  • Repossession Flag
  • Currently Derogatory Flag

Eliminates over 70% of prospects who won’t respond or have the financial capability to purchase

What is Loyalty Miner?

Loyalty Miner is a marketing platform that gives Auto Dealers the ability to mine their customer and service databases to identify customers who are in-the-market to buy a car.

How Loyalty Miner’s Product Offering is Unique

Loyalty Miner mines credit databases to deliver a marketing message with a firm offer of credit to pre -qualified buyers on behalf of dealers and agencies

Loyalty Miner integrates multi-sourced data, proprietary algorithms and lender relationships to deliver pre-qualified offers with 100% FCRA compliance.

Sample Dealer Analysis

Loyalty Miner Sample Dealer Analysis

Loyalty Miner Sample Dealer Analysis

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Do your Dealers monitor Customer Loyalty? ….we ‘ll show you why they should

In conjunction with it’s strategic lending partners, Endless Resources, Inc. has developed a platform to enable automotive marketers to target and acquire consumers seeking to purchase and finance an automobile with acquisition and retention programs to a pre-qualified universe of consumers. Contact us today to learn more.

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