Garage Predictor Data

Aggregated Statistical Modeling

Endless Resources provides a proprietary garage predictor list service that is designed to meet your specific automotive marketing needs. Our garage predictor lists are pinpointed based on aggregated statistical models, resulting in information that is so accurate you can tell exactly what your best sales prospects are based on the vehicle that is most likely to be parked in their garage. In states where DMV and vehicle registration information is restricted, a garage predictor mailing list is the most accurate type of marketing information available.

Our garage predictor services can also predict when a household is in the market for a new or used vehicle and how much they are likely to spend on their next vehicle purchase. Our Garage Predictor lead list includes contact information for potential customers who are most likely to buy or own a specific vehicle make, model and year. These garage predictor lists make it possible to target your most ideal sales prospects by potential vehicle ownership.

Endless Resources makes it easy to tailor direct marketing lists to your unique needs. Having the right marketing information about your potential customers makes all the difference when it comes to automotive sales.

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Garage Predictor Data - Households with Propensities to Own or Purchase Particular Vehicles

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