Credit Triggers

Endless Resources provides you access to the major credit bureaus’ “Credit Trigger” lead programs. Target these hot consumer leads with credit offers based on their actual credit behavior as recorded by the credit bureaus.

These national consumer credit files are generated directly from the credit bureaus and represent prospects that are shopping for some sort of credit such as an automotive or mortgage loan. Some of the most popular Credit Trigger programs requested are Automotive Trigger Leads and Mortgage Trigger Leads. These highly responsive, credit-active consumers represent hot opportunities for marketing offers with firm offers of credit. All triggered consumer names are run through the DMA and DNC’s pander/opt-out file, and the process fully complies with all FCRA and FACTA Act requirements.

Credit Trigger direct mail and telemarketing campaigns can target consumers who are actively shopping for credit within the past 24 hours or later and are the perfect opportunity to make timely direct mail or telemarketing offers to pre-qualified prospects. This data is updated and available daily, monthly and quarterly based on your needs.

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How Many Credit Active Customers are in Your Market?

To learn more about Credit Triggers contact your Endless Resources representative or call 1-866-430-0514.
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