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  • Conquest Miner
  • Conquest Miner Acquisition Tool

With Conquest Miner’s Monitoring Tool your Dealers can:

  • Identify prospects in the Dealer’s conquest market area who are in -the-market to buy a car with the integrated use of multi-sourced data, proprietary algorithms and lender relationships to deliver pre-qualified offers with 100% FCRA compliance
  • Improve marketing efforts by eliminating prospects who won’t respond or simply don’t have the financial capability to purchase a vehicle
  • Set parameters and receive notices on any changes or events involving:

     Active In-the-market: Consumers who have applied for auto finance in the last 24 hours

     3-6-12 Month In-Market Targets: Consumers who will be in the market in the next 3, 6 or 12 months

     Available Equity: Consumers who are in a positive equity position in their vehicle

     Payment Reduction: Consumers where a new vehicle program will reduce payments over their current payments.

     Still In-the-market: Consumer was interested in a vehicle in the last 12 months but did not finance a vehicle

  • Deliver a marketing message with a firm offer of credit* to pre-qualified buyers within conquest markets

*All consumers will have been pre-qualified with a nationwide auto lender. Programs comply with the FCRA.

Expand Marketshare

One of the most targeted conquest solutions in the industry

Increase Conquest Sales

Helping dealer customers to achieve increased vehicle sales and profits

Target In-Market Consumers

Pinpoint consumers who are likely to be in-market for a certain vehicle within three to six months

Geo Target the Competition's Customers

Reduce the struggle with identifying in-market prospects that currently own or are shopping for the competitor’s brand

Verified Results

Initial dealer analysis has shown new growth in target markets

Reduced Costs through Sharper Targeting

Conquest Miner: the tools you need to define and conquer the market

Why Choose Us

In conjunction with it’s strategic lending partners, Endless Resources, has developed a platform to enable automotive marketers to target and acquire consumers seeking to purchase and finance a vehicle. This program enables you to create turn-key marketing programs for the acquisition and retention of prospects in a pre-qualified universe of consumers. Endless Resources offers you the support of auto industry professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in prescreen marketing programs.

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