Automotive Title Data

Year, Make, Model Database

Automotive Title Data enables automotive dealers and auto warranty companies to conveniently and effectively communicate marketing messages based on specific vehicle data information. We assist our clients to target prospective customers based on the make, model and year of the vehicles owned within specific geographic parameters. Data can be searched by title date and outputs on this file include Vehicle Owner Name, Full Address, Year, Make and Model. This data can also be used in conjunction with actual credit scoring or modeled credit scoring to help target vehicle owners that may also fit your credit/lending criteria.

The team at Endless Resources understands that an automotive warranty company or dealership needs the most current and precise marketing data in order to reach their prospective consumers before their competition. This is why we only work with databases that are multi-sourced and meticulously cleansed and updated on a monthly basis. This data is in full compliance with the DPPA and Shelby Act.

Multiple sources of data are used to build and update the automotive title database such as:

  • Point of Sale and Service Data
  • Transactional Data Sources
  • New and Used Vehicle Sale Information
  • Automobile Warranty Data Sources
  • Aftermarket Repair Facilities
  • Insurance Information from Insurance Companies
  • Automotive Lien Data reported from Credit Bureaus
  • Self-Reported Data obtained from Online Surveys & Telephone Surveys
  • Purchase Data reported by Auto Dealer Groups
  • Service Transaction Records
  • After Service Work Surveys

Whether you’re looking for automotive marketing leads for telemarketing, direct mail or any other type of direct marketing, we can help you find them by searching for specific vehicle makes, models and years of your target audience.

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Target Vehicle Owners by Year, Make, Model & Geo Locator Criteria

Maximize your direct marketing campaign with actual vehicle owner information in your target market areas.
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