Automotive Marketing Lists

This data is especially good for Warranty, Research and Automotive marketing companies. We provide you with the industry’s highest quality data. We are able to help your target consumers by the year, make and model of the vehicle they own. Actual credit scores or modeled credit scoring is also available on this file for your firm offers of credit and invitation to apply campaigns.More...
This is actual credit bureau information. Are you seeking car buyers or potential auto financing customers? We are able to help you target leads by credit score, months remaining on a lease or loan, age of most recent auto lease or loan, ethnic surnames, and much more. Endless Resources has direct access to all three major credit bureaus.More...
Our modeled credit file is based on Zip + four geographic information matched with demographic and psycho-graphic profiles. There are also other types of data such as inferred risk scores, levels of revolving lines of credit, Year, Make, Model, auto trade information and much more to target consumers based on a multitude of propensity factors.More...
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Kelley Blue Book Value Appends

Kelley Blue Book Value is a consumer driven vehicle value. We can add current Kelley Blue Book Values to your Year, Make, Model data order. This process will incorporate the Vehicle Year, Make, and Model, the Mileage and the VIN, as well as the region based on the Zip Code and then output the trade in values of each vehicle on your list. There will be 3 separate values added for the vehicles based on the vehicle condition. Kelley Blue Book vehicle condition descriptions are: Fair to Good, to Very Good, to Excellent.
Kelley Blue Book Vehicle Value Appends

Black Book Vehicle Value Appends

The Black Book Value is a dealer driven vehicle valuation based off vehicle prices at dealer auctions. The Black Book valuation deals with wholesale values and uses the most up-to-date auto sales information. Similar to the Blue Book valuation, the Black Book algorithm method incorporates the Vehicle Year, Make, and Model, the Mileage and the VIN, as well as the Region based on the Zip Code to produce a range of estimated vehicle values that can be output and appended to your Year, Make, Model data order. The values added will be the Retail Value, then the Trade in Values ranging from Rough to Average to Clean.
Black Book Vehicle Value Appends
This proprietary solution uses accurately aggregated statistical models to help target your best prospects based on what vehicle is most likely parked in the garage, when a household is in the market for a new or used vehicle, and how much they are likely to spend on their next vehicle purchase.More...
Individuals who are currently filing, have been dismissed or are discharged from bankruptcy are typically very responsive to marketing offers for products and services such as secured credit cards, debt consolidation, home refinancing, assett protection and credit repair opportunities which makes these leads an optimal choice for your marketing related use. More...

Some of the little, yet important details:

  • Expert Consultation — Verification of your credit prescreen driven mail piece and/or telemarketing script for data release — we help keep you FTC, FCRA, DNC and FCC compliant so you can rest assured your business is in good hands.
  • Convenient access to National Credit Bureau’s Online Count & Order System — fast turn around on Specialty/Manual list requests.
  • Over 10 years experience — Our special high volume relationships (we sell millions of records a month) means that you get the best rates around!!!